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The work we do at the RI WRB



BRMA WellsBRMA Wells

Well development in the Big River Management Area.

PlaceholderSouth County Wells

Well development in Rhode Island's South County.

PlaceholderBCWA Capital Projects

Bristol County Water Authority projects.


WSSMPWater Supply System Management Plans

Water Supply System Management Plans (WSSMPs) are prepared by water suppliers that produce over fifty million gallons of water per year.

WFAPWater Facilities Assistance Program

Since 1983, the Water Resources Board has administered a grant program to finance up to 50% of design and construction costs for new public water supply facilities.

Water AllocationWater Allocation

In 1999, the RI General Assembly granted the agency sole authority to devise a fair and equitable allocation of water resources among users and uses to ensure that long-range considerations of water supply prevail over short-term considerations.

Public Drinking Water ProtectionPublic Drinking Water Protection

This popular program is often referred to by municipal water suppliers as the “penny per hundred” program.

Statewide Water Supply ManagementStatewide Water Supply Management


Drought ManagementDrought Management

Rhode Island can experience extended periods of dry weather, from single season events, like the drought of 1999, to multi-year events such as experienced in the mid 1960s...