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RI Division of Statewide Planning
235 Promenade Street, Suite 230
Providence, RI 02908

RI WRB Meetings




Subcommittees of the Board meet as needed. Access the list of subcommittees, agendas and minutes on the RI Secretary of State's Website.

Ad Hoc RI Drought Steering Committee

The RI Drought Steering Committee consists of representatives from agencies that have responsibility for functions related to water resources management and/or interests likely to be affected by drought. The Committee includes agencies that manage data necessary for assessing the severity of drought.

Voting Members:

  • Governor's designee
  • Division of Statewide Planning
  • RI Division of Public Utilities and Carriers
  • RI EMA Director
  • Providence Water Supply Board
  • Newport Water Division
  • RI DEM Director
  • RI DEM Division of Agriculture
  • RI League of Cities and Towns
  • RI Audubon Society
  • RI National Guard
  • USDA RI Farm Service Agency
  • Water Resources Board Chair (currently serves as DSC Chair)
  • Water Resources Board Public Member
  • RIDOH Director
  • RI Commerce Corporation
  • RIWWA President
  • Groundwater Representative
  • RI Rivers Council
  • RI Farm Bureau (Executive Director or President)

Advisory (non-voting) Members:

  • US Geological Survey
  • National Weather Service

Additional Experts/Public CC's:

  • Senate President
  • Speaker of the House
  • National Weather Service
  • Brown University
  • USGS Regional Director
  • EPA Region 1 designee
  • RI DOA Div. Statewide Planning
  • Connecticut Interagency Drought Task Force
  • Massachusetts Drought Management Task Force
  • USDA
  • RI DEM Forest Fire Program
  • State Meteorologist, RIDEM
  • RI DOA Public Information Officer
  • Remaining Water Resources Board members
  • Senator Whitehouse
  • Narragansett Water
  • South Kingstown Water
  • USDA
  • Save the Bay
  • Regional Drought Information Coordinator (Northeast DEWS)
  • Meteorologist, National Weather Service (Norton)
  • Senior Hydrometeorologist, Northeast River Forecast Center