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Standing Committees

Finance Committee Pamela Marchand
Jesse Rodrigues
Sheila McGauvran
Peter Cottrell Karen Fuerherm
Technical Committee Pamela Marchand
Janet Coit (designee Alicia Good)
Michael Fine (designee June Swallow)
Brendan Ennis
Susan Licardi
Legislative & Policy Committee Michael Fine (designee June Swallow)
Eugenia Marks
Dan O'Rourke
Marcel Valois
Water Allocation Committee Jim Pagliarini
Janet Coit (designee Liz Scott)
Kevin Flynn
Sheila McGauvran
Dan O'Rourke
Marc Petrowicz

Ad Hoc RI Drought Management Steering Committee

The RI Drought Management Steering Committee consists of representatives from agencies that have responsibility for functions related to water resources management and/or interests likely to be affected by drought. The Committee includes agencies that manage data necessary for assessing the severity of drought.

State Agencies:

  • Office of the Governor
  • Rhode Island Senate- Designee of the Senate Majority Leader before January 1, 2003. Designee of the Senate President after January 1, 2003.
  • Rhode Island House of Representatives- Designee of the Speaker of the House
  • RI Water Resources Board (includes a member from the agricultural community
  • RI Department of Administration - Statewide Planning Program
  • RI Department of Environmental Management
  • RI Department of Health
  • RI Division of Public Utilities and Carriers
  • RI Economic Development Corporation
  • RI Emergency Management Agency

Water Suppliers:

  • President, RI Water Works Association or designee from a groundwater system
  • Atlantic States Rural Water Association
  • Providence Water Supply Board


  • RI Agricultural Council
  • US Geological Survey
  • National Weather Service
  • Municipal Conservation Commission representative
  • Local Watershed Council representative
  • Municipal Representative, as designated by the RI League of Cities and Towns

Water Allocation Program Advisory Committee

The RI Water Resources Board (Board) is charged by the legislature to manage the withdrawal and use of the waters in Rhode Island, apportioning it as necessary (RI Gen. Laws §46-15.7). Rather than embark independently, the Board invited interested partners to serve on the Water Allocation Program Advisory Committee (WAPAC). The WAPAC acted as a "Committee of the Whole", organized around the business process of managing water. It was an interdisciplinary, ad hoc committee that undertook the task of recommending an overall work plan with budget for the water allocation program.

The WAPAC was advised by several subcommittees. Over an 18-month period, the WAPAC identified program objectives, outcomes, milestones and timelines specifically related to implementing a water use management system. Only by measuring the amounts and purposes of water withdrawn and used will the state be able to make justifiable and legally defensible water allocation decisions. WAPAC subcommittees drafted several results-oriented reports to support over eighty recommendations that were forwarded to the Board.