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The protection and conservation of the State’s water resources for future generations can only occur through comprehensive stewardship practices that include both public education and community outreach. During 2004, public education and conservation activities included state agencies, watershed and conservation groups, and institutions of higher education. For example, working in conjunction with the RI Water Works Association (RIWWA), the Board promoted education and outreach activities during RI Water Week in May providing educational materials and tours of water utilities to elementary and middle school students. Staff was invited to address environmental classes at local colleges and universities that resulted in both undergraduate and graduate students working on the water resource projects. During 2004 Brown University, Roger Williams University School of Law, and University of Rhode Island students took advantage of this opportunity. Student interns worked with staff on Board projects. Several completed projects were presented to the Board. For example, students actively participated on the Water Allocation committee to identify recommendations in the design of a statewide water allocation system.

The Board is very aware that public outreach includes informing members of the state legislature, state agencies, and municipal governments on the value of water. Throughout 2004, presentations, press releases and fact sheets were prepared and distributed providing information on the availability of supply of water in relationship to demand, the cost to produce water and maintain reliable infrastructure, the effect of water use on the environment, and the need to conserve the resource, especially during dry periods. Annual site visits to water suppliers provided an opportunity to provide conservation materials, and review of local concerns.

National education and outreach efforts include cooperative work with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), education and information presentations at New England Water Works Association (NEWWA), and American Water Works Association (AWWA) sponsored events. During 2004, staff reviewed two rounds of NOAA’s Bay-Watershed Education and Training (B-WET) Project proposals. The B-WET program is a competitively based program that supports existing environmental education programs, fosters the growth of new programs, and encourages the development of partnerships among environmental education programs throughout watersheds. Projects provide meaningful outdoor experiences for students and professional development opportunities for teachers in the area of environmental education. Public outreach through NEWWA and AWWA sponsored events provided current information and education materials to water suppliers and municipal planners, and the community at-large.

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